There is no one size fits all when it comes to web site design and development. We have written some information here about things that need to be considered before selecting the best platform for your website to run. Feel free to book a briefing or a consult.

1. Using CMS such as WordPress for hosting on any server.

  • The benefits are working with a system which is well serviced with plugins and themes for almost every need. And the site is able to be moved from server to server should the need arise.
  • The system will need regular updates performed by the web design company to keep up to date with technology upgrades.

If you would like to view some WordPress themes – scroll to the bottom of this web page for more information.

2. Subscription style CMS and web services

  • The benefits are that the system is updated based on a subscription.
  • When a plugin is required for the site, it can be purchased as an extra.
  • Usually a medium to wide selection of themes available.

3. Building static website with no CMS

  • In many cases, the designer ends up making edits to the website even when there are content management systems in place. If this is the case, then it can often be easier to work with a responsive HTML theme and pay for occasional updates.
  • Plugins can still be organised for specific functions.

4. Shopping cart websites

  • Most of the time, the selection of the system will depend on the quantity of products and also the complexity of the shipping or distribution model you have in mind.
  • For small businesses, a subscription style system is often the best approach. For larger data sites we would look at more robust systems which allow for importing products via spreadsheets. Again, plugins can be additionally organised to perform specific tasks.

Girling Design will consult with you to determine which type of system would be most suitable to your business. We have been designing websites since 1997. We manage the design and development process.

Domain name registration

Girling Design will register your domain name on your behalf. You will own your domain for the subscription period and you will have the option to renew.

Website Hosting

Girling Design runs 4 servers which are used for different types of websites and their needs. For hosted services we will manage your domain and your hosting directly.


Web Themes and Girling Design Affiliations

Beginning with a web theme is a smart option because you are starting with pre-tested responsive code. As designers, we customise and brand it with your logo and imagery. We’ve studied online themes for years and know that clients want a structure that looks good, meets web standards, is well supported and can be upgraded.

Girling Design is an authorised affiliate of a well known theme based library called Elegant Themes. As a professional design studio – We actually are rewarded with a fifty percent referral if you take up one of their subscription offers via the banner link below. But there’s more to it.

There are two ways we use these responsive themes.

  • We either use our own membership, customise an Elegant Theme for you – No affiliate commissions are paid for this.
  • Or you may wish to subscribe to one of the Elegant Themes service plans via the Affiliate banner link below. A commission would be paid to Girling Design

Purchasing themes and plugins for WordPress via our affiliates

This link takes you to the Elegant themes home page where you can see examples and buy; access to a range of over 80 WordPress themes and their available plugins. Should you take up an offer via the banner, Girling Design would receive a fifty percent referral commission from Elegant themes. There is no payment per click should you wish to simply browse.

Divi WordPress Theme

This link takes you to a new responsive WordPress theme called Divi by our affiliate Elegant Themes. We can use this as the structure for the graphics for your new website. You may wish to purchase a license for the theme or we can use our professional license and our web server. Should you take up an offer via this above banner, Girling Design would receive a fifty percent referral commission from Elegant themes. We suggest this theme because it is versatile, responsive and we can customise it for our clients.

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