Printspace® is a Registered Trade Mark brand created by the partners behind Girling Design to showcase some of our artistic styles applied to items such as; original paintings, art prints, posters, stationery, textiles and more.

Suitable for the office and the home, Printspace® have artworks which fit different creative genres which may be suitable. There are more formal abstract works and styles inspired by mid century poster design.

While Girling is a graphic design services based business, our eperience in both services and retail places us in a unique position to provide useful knowledge and strategies around our clients design needs.

having a keen interest in art and illustration helps us visualise your needs quickly. We can improve both your external branding and your office interiors with great coordination.

Nicholas Girling creates original paintings and limited edition art prints and posters. His design works have been featured on Australia Post stamps, have raised much needed moneys for charities such as Red Kite and hang in public spaces around Melbourne Australia.

Nicholas is an exhibiting artist. His works are suitable for corporate environments and for the home.

The goals of of his artworks and designs are to be bold, timeless and memorable. To reveal an authentic instinctive style.

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