A. Identity Brief

The brief relates to the commercial feel of the business. As we interpret the brief, we advise on what is important to include.

Style guides

You identity comes with a style guide indicating colour break downs, fonts and styles.


Eps is the standard file format for logo design. Girling provides eps, jpeg, signature png, tif, black and white.

We create bold, timeless and memorable identities which reduces the need to revamp on a regular basis. This allows our clients to build on awareness and focus on invention in other areas of their business rather than reinvention.

The best way to assess a logo designer is to assess the work that they have created. Below is an example pdf showcasing a cross section of logos we have created which we also like. If you also like these call 03 9008 4455 or if you are feeling inspired.

Further development and branding can also be provided where required and requested.

From the Girling Design perspective, there are two primary ways of approaching logo design and development. Both use a very similar process and include stages for client feedback and refinement.

  • One is where the design studio is selected based on their style of design, thinking, talent, experience, process, research methods and price. Concepts are presented with options for further refinement including colour.
  • The second way of approaching logo design is where the client has an idea in mind which they wish to be created professionally with particular sensibilities. In this second way, some clients like to also see alternative ideas to their own.

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