Grow your email database

It would be great to have a large email list of your own followers right?

The best form of motivation regarding the growth of an email database is where the person actively joins your list and then tells everyone they know about your list. But why would they do that? Find out how any business can grow their list with speed and excitement. We like this so much that we became an affiliate.

UpViral is a product sold by Wilco De Kreij. A self confessed wiz kid who began selling sunglasses online in his youth until he began to take notice of viral sales.

He was curious about the way that “Dropbox” was able to grow so quickly as a business and in the following two links, Wilco will share with you how to grow your list with UpViral using the same type of marketing strategy.

When we discovered UpViral we were inspired by the simplicity and automation, and in our opinion it ticks all the boxes with regards to growing your own email database the intelligent way. And that means using white hat techniques and using them quickly and efficiently.
1. Automate with marketing – Join Wilco in the automation webinar

2. Read about how UpViral works – Wilco goes through all the important steps on one page